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Our store

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

October News

Highland Thrift Shop is delighted to welcome Kay Theriot as a member of our volunteer team.

Kay's enthusiasm for the job and the friendliness she shows to customers are greatly appreciated. "I like being able to help people and be of service to our community," she said recently. Kay is a third generation Grantsville citizen, "born and raised." How good does it get? She has three sons and is married to her husband Jody.  In her spare time Kay likes to read and she likes music.  She sings in the Church choir.  Her special passion in life has been her work with her family day care, a licensed day care center in her home.  Kay, we are glad that Joyce Schrok invited you to join us, and we are doubly glad you accepted.

Christy Kinsinger and Joyce Schrock want to thank all of the shop's volunteers for their help in transforming our appearance: moving racks, rearranging and arranging donations and keeping everything nice and clean.  Thank you very much to each and every volunteer!!!

~written by Lucy Sorenson

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